Development outlook

We are continuously working to expand the existing offering and improve our services.

Extension of the range of tests

We are in constant contact with our partner laboratories in order to be able to offer further testing services in the future. This includes, among other things, density analyses, Wöhler tests, hardness tests and the testing of as-built specimens. We are also happy to take on board your wishes and feedback here. Contact us directly at any time.

Statistical process control

In the future, our customers will have the option of viewing their test results over time and having them automatically evaluated statistically. This will make it possible to identify trends and tendencies with regard to process consistency at an early stage, enabling corrective measures to be taken in good time.
This virtual form of a quality control chart is made possible by the deeper integration of the digital triplet, which links your components with the manufacturing process and test results.
In the future, this and the existing knowledge base will enable us to recommend manufacturing parameters to you and support you in manufacturing parameter optimization.

Proof of machine qualification

It is not only in regulated markets, which include large growth markets such as medical technology, that plant and equipment, controls and systems need to be qualified. Machine qualification can also support quality management in non-regulated markets.
In the future, in addition to testing services, we will also offer ready-made construction jobs for machine qualifications and calibrations.

Lab connections

To enable our customers to continue existing partnerships with laboratories, we are constantly working to expand our laboratory network. This is good for the environment, as tests can be performed in regional laboratories and the test specimens do not have to travel long shipping distances, and it simplifies the direct exchange between laboratory and customer.


Currently, we offer our services especially in the D-A-CH area. In future expansion stages, this will be extended to the European market and then gradually supplemented by other countries worldwide.

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