Tensile Test - DIN EN ISO 527-1:2019 (Polymers)


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Product number: iAM104.6
Product information "Tensile Test - DIN EN ISO 527-1:2019 (Polymers)"
This test determines the actual-achieved mechanical-technological properties of the accompanying sample.
  • Proof of the achieved mechanical-technological properties according to DIN EN ISO 527-1
  • Determination of the stress-strain diagram
  • Determination of the strength σm [MPa]
  • Determination of the strain at break εb [%]
  • Indication of the fracture position
  • E-modulus [GPa]
  • Test performance at room temperature.
  • Summary of test results in a TÜV NORD test report

Included Services

  • Provision of a digital accompanying sample (customer specific STL file)
  • Test specimen transport document and instructions
  • Shipping label incl. collection and shipment tracking
  • Preparation and test execution
  • Test report as PDF

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