Preparation for certification of industrial AM manufacturing facilities according to DIN EN ISO / ASTM 52920

How does the testing process work?

  1. Choose the test
    Choose the matching material for your machine (metal or polymers). Depending on the size of your build space and desired test density, you will receive a digital print job with tensile specimens in STL format.

  2. Start the build job
    You receive a digital build job with tensile specimens arranged in a grid. Start the build job under your desired conditions.

  3. Send them in
    Send all the specimens from the build job to the TÜV NORD using the shipping label provided. The specimens are tested in an accredited laboratory and a build space distribution is created based on the mechanical-technological properties (“heat map”).

  4. Receive proof
    You receive a report that shows which mechanical-technological properties were achieved at which position in the build chamber.