Tensile Test - DIN EN ISO 527-1 (Polymers)
Material: PP (Polypropylene) | Orientation: Upright: 90°
This test determines the actually achieved mechanical-technological properties of the accompanying sample.Proof of the achieved mechanical-technological properties according to DIN EN ISO 527-1Determination of the stress-strain diagramDetermination of the tensile strength Rm [MPa]Determination of the elongation at fracture Ac [%]Indication of the fracture positionE-modulus [GPa]Test performance at room temperature.Summary of test results in a TÜV NORD test reportIncluded ServicesProvision of a digital accompanying sample (customer specific STL file)Test specimen transport document and instructionsShipping label incl. collection and shipment trackingPreparation and test execution Test report as PDFFor other options and special requests please contact us.

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